Big Truck? NP.

My crew cab 3/4 ton 4x4 truck is over 20ft long has the turning circle of a schooner. Driving a vehicle of that size on narrow New England roads and small parking lots has not posed a problem that I haven't been able to overcome: 

  • Problem: Tight parking lots require 37 point turns
    • Solution: Drive over a couple curbs and you're free! (sorry undisclosed Big Lots location)
  • Problem: Can’t find a parking spot?  
    • Solution: Park on a snowbank or grass.
  • Problem: Can’t find the road?  
    • Solution: Make yourself one.
  • Problem: The Subaru Forester driver in front of you is too concerned with the political state of Tibet to reach the speed limit.
    • Solution: Illuminate them (and their entire sad Subaru interior) to your frustration by turning on your high beams and blazing two beams of light through their rear window.
  • Problem: Indecisive drivers at the traffic circle? 
    • Solution: Intimidate other drivers with your size and barrel through, the biggest vehicle always has the right of way